Monday, June 25, 2012


As you know, we didn't know Daniel had Down syndrome before he was born. We didn't do any testing, but we did do the 20 week ultrasound and nothing looked out of the ordinary. However, looking back, there was one obvious sign that something was different. His movements.

It took longer for me to feel him move than I expected for a third child. It also took longer to start feeling him regularly. Then once I was feeling him every day, and *I* could sometimes see the movements from the outside, nobody else ever saw them. As many times as I put Brian's hand on my belly, he didn't feel any obvious movements. Daniel never kicked me hard enough that it hurt. He never pushed up into my ribs enough to make me uncomfortable. He didn't ever make those huge, rolling, there's an alien in my belly type movements.

I wondered about all that. I didn't really worry though. I was feeling him often, so I just figured he was mellower or it was different because it was a third pregnancy. Looking back now it's obvious to me that his low muscle tone is what made the difference. I probably wouldn't have thought about it at all if it was my first or second kid. Anyway. Just something I noticed that made sense once he was here. I imagine I'll be hyper aware of this if I'm ever pregnant again.


  1. That's interesting. I would never have thought of that.

  2. Here's hoping you only haveveryactive babies after this so you don't worry about down syndrome during your pregnancies.

  3. Interesting. Also interesting that you were in mass amounts of pain/discomfort during your pregnancy but not from the baby.


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