Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pictures I didn't stage

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen this one. If not, Look! It's Mrs. Nesbitt! Apparently this really *is* what happens when a girl gets ahold of Buzz. (To be fair, Will was just as involved in this tea party as Kalena was. But it was Kalena who actually set him up.)

The other morning I put Daniel on his mat to play (on his back) while I went up to get some laundry. I went in to check on him after I put it in the washer because he wasn't making any noise and this is what I found:

Rolled over to his belly and sound asleep. He slept like that for 30 minutes or so, and probably would have slept longer if Kalena hadn't woken him up.

I was trying to get him to nap this afternoon in the swing (after the crib failed) but he was having none of it. He kept sticking his foot out the side though. It was pretty awesome.

Okay, I know this one is a terrible picture but it's the only one I got. Daniel is reaching and grabbing! Yay for milestones!

And one last picture. Daniel face! 

You're welcome.


  1. Ok, so it's crazy to me how different babies are. OMG - Daniel fell asleep on his mat?!?! That would NEVER happen in our house. WOW.

    Also with the developmental milestones. I suppose Ruby technically has rolled over, but it's not like this is a regular occurrence. (As opposed to Daniel who can't seem to get enough of it!) Whereas the reaching and grabbing (and putting in mouth) has been going on for awhile now. Just interesting how they've picked different skills to develop first. This is probably one of those, "Well, duh," things, but this is my first baby so I'm finding it interesting.

  2. Daniel falling asleep on the mat = easiest baby ever! So cute. And I love that the kids have tea parties!!

  3. Mrs. Nesbitt! I love it.

    And seriously, that baby is cute. I love the little sticking out foot picture.

  4. He continues to have great hair.

  5. That Mrs. Nesbitt picture kills me.


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