Thursday, May 24, 2012

A little comparison

When I watch Kalena with Daniel, it's fun to see what a loving big sister she is. And then I remember that she was like that with Will too. Makes my heart happy.

 Kalena with Will, January 2010                               Kalena with Daniel, May 2012       


  1. Oh my goodness, Daniel's little shoes...

  2. I was thinking "Holy crap, Daniel is huge!" and then I remember that Will was only 3 days old in that picture, lol. She is a great big sister!

  3. She looks SO MUCH like you!!!

  4. Just wait til I post a picture of Caroline... she and Kalena are twins! Especially with the side-clip hair thing going on. I can only hope she'll be Kalena's long-gorgeous-blond-pigtails hair twin in the future!


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