Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Occupational therapy begins

Well, we had our first occupational therapy session last Thursday. The short version goes like this: I like the therapist and I have a lot to learn.

I'm not sure what exactly I expected the therapist to do. I mean, he's a baby. He's still working on head control. He doesn't really DO much, you know? But she had plenty to tell us and show us and have us work on.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but we got a copy of Daniel's early intervention evaluation and they classified him as having "mild low muscle tone." Low muscle tone is expected in babies with Down syndrome so it's good news that it's only mild. However, having low muscle tone means we have to make sure Daniel doesn't get into bad habits. The therapist showed me some things to do to help him learn to roll over properly. Things to help him learn head control. Things to help with low muscle tone in his torso. She pointed out that he holds his right hand in a tighter fist than his left and asked us to watch and see if that's always true. She pointed out that he was moving his limbs asymmetrically, and pointed out some reflex movements he was making, both good signs. None of this is stuff I would have noticed on my own. None of this is stuff I would have to worry about with a typical infant.

Anyway. The plan is for her to come once a month for now, and more often when he starts being more active. I'll keep you updated, of course.

Here he is working on his head control.

And that onesie has a crab on the butt!

Now we can say he's got his crabby pants on.


  1. Wow! He's doing so good with his head control!

    And I LOVE the crabby pants! I feel like that could really work for us if we could find a onesie with a crank on the butt.

  2. Yeah, he's gonna have to get REALLY good at head control to let that poor bald ring grow back! The crabby pants are perfect, everyone wears 'em now and again. Say, do they make those in maternity size?

  3. Looks like he's doing a great job! Love the crab, too!

  4. Aren't OTs amazing?? That was my career plan before I had Pacey (irony) and decided to at least postpone that route so I didn't end up trying to be a professional for my kid.

    Looks like Daniel is doing great! Pacey has always had relatively mild low muscle tone (except his core...he had a potbelly forEVER!) and he has turned out to be almost freakishly strong when challenged (think blood draws, IVs). Anyway, I'm glad you like the therapist and I love hearing that you're being supported!

  5. I'm glad it went well and that you like her!

    I love that onesie.

  6. Crab onesie! Love it.

    We found the "low muscle tone" diagnosis to be a tricky one as sometimes it is subjective based on the therapist or physician that was examining Iris.

    Also, I'm so glad that you like therapist. That makes a WORLD of difference.

  7. I'm sort of wishing I had my own set of crabby pants to wear. That way people could just avoid me without my having to demonstrate The Crabby.

    So happy you have a therapist you like!

  8. Glad you liked the therapist. We LOVED our PT with Allison. They have us a lot to work on when they weren't there too (things I wouldn't have thought of). Crabby pants are awesome! ;)


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