Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bath time baby!

Who doesn't love pictures of a chubby baby in the bath?!

I know he looks sleepy in this first picture, but believe me, he was disgruntled about that whole thing.

There's the disgruntled face.

Kalena, admiring a fresh, clean baby brother.

Baby in a bathrobe!

And this concludes your daily dose of Daniel.


  1. That bathrobe killed me dead.

  2. I totally needed a chubby-baby-bath-teeny-bathrobe moment today. ::deep, cleansing breath::

  3. Oh, bath pictures are the best. I have to admit the disgruntled face makes me laugh every time I see it.

  4. What a cutie! Ruby is no longer disgruntled during her baths. Now she's disgruntled when she's removed from the bath.

    1. There was a point in Amelia's life when we took about 3 baths a day just to pass time and because that's where she was happiest. I've also found that blow drying a baby immediately after bath makes them just as happy!

  5. I don't know which I like better, disgruntled baby or baby in a bathrobe. So cute!

  6. He looks so big until he's laying on the counter next to kalena!

  7. How dare you wash that baby! I don't believe he enjoyed himself at all. ;)

  8. I was looking at this first thing this morning, and Brian, the boy who works in maintenance was emptying my recycling and trash bags. He has DS, and he peered over my shoulder and said, "Who that baby," and I said, "That's my friend's baby." (Presumptuous much, Lisa?) He said, "Well, he handsome. He look like me." And I said he sure is handsome like you, Brian. :)

  9. What a cute, lil, tiny bathrobe! Love the disgruntled face and the sweet siblings. :)


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