Thursday, November 24, 2011


Even in the midst of everything going on here, there are always things that I'm thankful for.  Actually, I feel  extra thankful this year, to the point of being cheesy even.  I blame the pregnancy hormones.  So I'll keep my list brief.

1) I'm thankful for my parents who happily took us in, AGAIN, when we needed it.
2) I'm thankful this pregnancy happened before everything else went south, so that we don't have to wait for "better timing" to have a third.
3) I'm thankful for kids who are healthy and happy, for the most part.
4) I'm thankful that all of our family is being supportive of Brian going back to school.
5) And, of course, I'm thankful for Brian, who is a wonderful husband and father.  And that's something I probably don't say enough.

Alright, cheesiness over.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


  1. That is a very good list. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You've had rough few weeks! Wow! But you still seem up and up so I'm impressed. :) Yay for a boy!!!!!!!!!!! It's cute that he and Will will be so close together.

  3. Cheesy is good, especially from someone who is as un-cheesy as you :) Happy Thanksgiving!


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