Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kalena when she's sad

Kalena makes me laugh when she's sad.  Not that I'm laughing at her sadness (although some of the things she gets sad about are pretty laughable) but she says funny things when she's sad.  For instance.

If she gets sad over something and you tell her it's okay she'll say, "No, I feeling a little sad."
If she's crying and you tell her she needs to be happy before she can [fill in the blank with whatever we're doing next] she'll tell you, "No, I still crying."
The other day she got put in time out for pitching a fit over something and after a few minutes I told her she could get down (off the time out chair) whenever she was ready to be happy.  She told me, "No, I not done, there's still water coming out in my eyes!"  (By the way, she says "out in" instead of "out of" and I don't ever intend to correct her.)

It's not as funny as Will and the awesomely pouty face he used to make, but it still makes me laugh.


  1. Aren't they adorable when they're just learning how to talk about their emotions? Mine says, "I'm mad!" when she gets upset at me, and I tell her, "I know you are," and just let her stew until she works through it (unless she feels she has to act out in some way, as well; then I usually have to be more involved).
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  2. You know, I can appreciate Kalena's feelings. It's like when someone tells you, "Don't be upset." That just ticks me off. Because clearly I would have done that already if it were that simple.

  3. Kalena is very self-aware. : )

  4. It is so hard not to laugh at kids when they're sad. Especially since my son is almost always faking it.

  5. When Patrick has been crying he doesn't want you to wipe his face, he says "I just want the tears in my eyes." Like he's pretty much over it, but the tears give him permission to still pout a little bit.

  6. Anna tells me she has water in her eyes and needs me to kiss them.


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