Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've always felt lucky to have sisters so close to my age.  Growing up it meant built in friends, people to share clothes with, and (since I have Kari for a sister) someone to say, "Are you *really* leaving the house like that?"  And now that we're all in the baby-having phase of our lives, there is a whole new list of reasons I'm lucky to have sisters.

First off, as Nik-Nak commented on my maternity clothes post, I'm lucky to have someone to share maternity clothes with.  It's expensive to buy clothes, and it seems wasteful to buy them knowing you'll only wear them for a few months.  Even though I plan on several pregnancies, it's still expensive.  But now?  Three times the clothes!  And while Kari was pregnant she had three times the clothes.  And they'll continue to get passed around until we're all done having babies.

But it's not just maternity clothes.  Check out Kari's post today on the obscene amount of baby girl clothes we've accumulated.  So many that it stresses her out.  Those of you who know Kari know that only a ridiculous amount of clothing would stress her out.  And if I have a girl?  I'll get those clothes.  Or if I have a boy?  I'll get baby boy clothes from Kirsta.  Like the maternity clothes, the baby clothes just get rotated to whoever needs them at the moment.

The newborn stuff gets passed around too.  Kari is currently in possession of a swing and exersaucer originally purchased by us.  Also a bouncer given to Kirsta when Patrick was born.  Because we're not using those things.  Why should she buy her own while we store ours?  Addilyn is the third baby to get good use out of the swing we bought for Will.  Does it make me feel better about the $50 I spent on it?  Definitely.  And it'll come back to us when this next baby is born.

So anyway. Sisters.  Just one of the many reasons I feel lucky.


  1. They haven't had babies yet, but I do feel really lucky to have close-in-age sisters. And a generous family - I got a boatload of baby girl clothes from a second cousin and she keeps sending them as Margaret gets older. There's so many clothes I can't put them all in her drawers/closet (this second cousin is the 4th child in her family and is way younger than the rest so she has all the baby clothes her older siblings used for their kids).

  2. That is really lucky. I keep saying that Elizabeth is collecting the hand-me-downs for future generations of cousins.

  3. You forgot the part about me being such an awesome person in general. :) jk. Anyway- I think the bouncer was actually bought for Salem when she had Clyde?

    I'm lucky to have you too :)

  4. It was bought for Salem, who them handed it back to me, but it was FROM our family, so it's almost like it never left.


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