Thursday, July 7, 2011

Raising a rule follower

Yesterday while running errands I ended up downtown, parked a half a block from a little (free) splash pad.  It was the last errand and we still had about an hour to kill before naptime, so I figured- why not let the kids play?  We walked over and I told Kalena she could go play.  (Well, I told Will too, but he's not really old enough to, you know, take direction.)  She watched for a minute and then asked, "I play?"  And I told her sure, she could play.  So she watched for another minute and asked, "Think I play?"  And I told her yes, definitely, go play, get wet!  So she splashed a little bit and came back to me and said, "My shorts get wet."  It took several minutes of questions and reassurances before she finally enjoyed herself (and got soaking wet.)

It made me laugh a little that she was so hesitant.  She is pretty fearless, so I knew she wasn't nervous about playing with the other kids (unlike Will, who stood off to the side and just held his hand in the water.)  She just didn't want to do something that would get her in trouble.  She's not a big fan of being in trouble.  I guess that's a good thing.


  1. That is a good kid!! I think the majority of kids would beg and plead to play over there and then throw a tantrum of some sort, lol.

    Sometimes when Amelia does something that she might think would get her in trouble she'll look at us for a few seconds and then say, "hi!" to see if we're mad. Haha.


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