Sunday, July 3, 2011

I suppose that's a good reason

So, we were discussing the diving board with Kalena, and Brian asked her why she wouldn't jump.  She said, "I saw a big T-Rex in the water."  I guess I wouldn't jump either if I thought a dinosaur was waiting in the pool.


  1. I wouldn't jump in either, if I saw a dinosaur! Although, for me it was sharks when I was little! She's a little smarty, she'll figure it out soon enough and then you won't be able to keep her off the diving board!

  2. I had a Jurassic Park dream the other night, it was very frightening, and I was very nearly eaten by a T-Rex, I applaud Kalena's thoughtfulness for avoiding them. I think the dream was brought on by the upcoming tv series Terra Nova - SO excited for it!

  3. Ha! That's awesome.


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