Sunday, June 5, 2011

My children: little tiny black holes

We don't live in a very big house.  There aren't that many places for things to get lost.  And yet?  They do.  When we moved in here we had 6 child-sized spoons.  (Awesome metal ones.  I'm not a big fan of the plastic ones or the rubber coated metal ones.)  Now we have 2.  Where are the other 4?  NO IDEA.  I've looked, believe me.  They're just *poof* gone.

Also, remember when we found Gizmo in the yard?  He disappeared again a few weeks after that.  I have yet to see him again.

And, after WEEKS of looking, I finally found one of the kids toys that I'd been looking for.  It's actually a piece of a toy, a little purple flag that goes with the Little People airport we have.  Why couldn't I find it for so long?  Because it was in an UNOPENED box of diapers.  Yep, when I opened the box there it was.  One of the kids must have shoved it through the little hand hold opening.  Apparently finding a comb in the refrigerator wasn't crazy enough.

Do your kids manage to lose things like this or is it just mine?


  1. Oh yes - in the wierdest places. One Easter we were missing one of the eggs that we colored. I never found it. I assume Eli put it in a garbage or else I would have smelled it by now. Chris found a potato in his shoe once too. And he asked me if I did it....really?

  2. I thought perhaps it was my house that was the black hole! But the kids make more sense, since there is plenty of stuff I'm sure is gone froever at the store, or in a friends' house, or has fallen out of the car, all because of kids. Unlike the potato in a shoe, like some moms do :D hahaha!


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