Friday, June 3, 2011

Home again

Brian has been out of town for work since Tuesday.  Did I mention that?  I don't think so, probably because I was trying not to think about it.  But now he's home and I survived!  Of course, I ate dinner with my parents every night (wouldn't you, if that were an option?)  Still.  While he was gone I learned some things about me.

1) When Brian isn't around I snack late at night.  I don't know why since I don't usually snack late at night.  Maybe it's because...
2) I stay up late when he's not here.  Like, an hour or an hour and a half later than I normally do.  This is because...
3) I don't like to go to bed when I'm home alone.  (I mean, obviously the kids are here, but you know.)  I don't mind going to bed alone if Brian's here, but when he's not here I just stay up.  Even though I'm tired.

It's a good thing Brian doesn't have to travel much for work, otherwise I would gain weight AND be tired all the time.  I'm glad he's home.

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  1. That list could be describing me when Jared is out of town. Unfortunately he has been gone a lot lately. Like 4 out of the last 6 weeks.


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