Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If you have a dinosaur loving child...

And you're going to be in western Colorado sometime between now and labor day, go to Dinosaur Journey.  They have a temporary exhibit that has a full sized animatronic T-Rex.  It's pretty awesome.  And it's big enough that it scared Kalena.  Actually, that cut our trip a little short since she didn't want to be anywhere in the museum that you could see the T-Rex.  And you could pretty much see it from everywhere.  Don't you worry though, there's a McDonald's next door with an excellent play place, so short museum visit just meant longer lunch.  (We ate lunch while Kirsta and Patrick finished seeing the dinosaurs.)

Of course, while I was filling our drinks Kalena went into the play area and something happened (don't know what) that caused her to come out to me crying and saying, "I hurt my butt!"  And instead of wondering what happened all I could think was, "I wonder how many of these other parents are judging me because my 3 year old is saying butt."  She was fine, by the way.


  1. What's wrong with butt? I could maybe understand if she said ass, but butt should be okay right? I mean, what else are you going to call it?

  2. Elshaaa it's nasreen
    i emailed you at eg215@hotmail
    are you still using it ??

  3. I was against butt for awhile her at our house but thn the kiddos had friends that said it and it just got to be too much of a hassle. So now but is a regular word around here. I wouldn't have even batted an eye. :)


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