Sunday, May 22, 2011


  • If I kept pop tarts in the house all the time I would gain like 50 lbs.
  • The other morning at breakfast Kalena shared her cake with Will, with no prompting from me.  Moments like that make my day.
  • Yes, I occasionally let my kids eat cake for breakfast.  Like the day after a birthday.
  • Rain is predicted for the next 3 days.  I REALLY hope that's wrong.  The kids need some park time.
  • I had another migraine.  The excedrin migraine helped some, but I still had to spend an hour laying in my dark quiet bedroom while my mom watched the kids.  I'll be making an appointment to see if I can't get something prescribed. 


  1. You can't eat cake for breakfast! You can have fried cake, with syrup on it. That's the breakfast of champions we had this morning!

  2. Until I read the 3rd bullet I was going to write "Maybe you should've left out the BREAKFAST part." lol. Yea right, we're the family that eats candy alllll day.


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