Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The cake pops!

So, remember when I said that when it came to the birthday party I was the laziest mom in the world?  Well, that's not exactly true.  I mean, no I didn't make any cute invitations, (or even invite friends) or decorate at all, or put any effort into wrapping gifts (gift bags for the little ones, not even a bow on the big ones.)  But, I did make cake pops.  Winnie the Pooh cake pops!

Aren't those cute?  By the way, I totally didn't wrap them up for the birthday party.  We just did that with the leftovers.  Turns out three year olds don't care if their cake has a pretty bow, they just want to eat it.  Anyway, they took all my party effort but I'd totally do it again because I love them.  I mean, Winnie the Pooh cake on a stick-- does it get better?  

I also wrote about these at Food Lush today, so check that out too.  Because I KNOW you can't get enough of me talking about cake.  Good thing there aren't any of these left, otherwise I'd totally be eating one right now.  And I'm pretty sure they have like a gazillion calories apiece.  

Now I just need an excuse to try these!  Kari?  Maybe for Amelia's birthday?


  1. darling! i can never get my cake balls to stay on a stick! how do you do it? maybe i make mine to big and they are heavy...

  2. Mardi, I do make them pretty small, one cake made 36 winnie the pooh heads or almost 50 plain cake balls. But the real trick is freeze them after they're shaped, then when you're ready to dip them dip the sticks in the candy melt and then stick them in the pop. Then when that's hardened, dip the whole thing.

  3. My first thought was, "she's not lazy at all, she even put them in baggies!" haha. Those are so so cute, and so are the sesame street ones!! We can totally make those for Amelia's birthday!

  4. Okay, I'm impressed.


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