Sunday, May 15, 2011

Denial. It's a fact of life as a parent.

So.  We're still having Kalena nap in the afternoon because she goes right to sleep at nap time (usually.)  This does screw with her bedtime, but instead of letting her stay up later we just put her to bed at 7 and pretend like she's going to go to sleep.  She doesn't of course.  Usually she's up until 8:30 or 9, and almost every night one of us has to go in at some point and tell her to go to sleep.

Brian doesn't like to go in (he thinks it encourages her to cry so we'll come see her) but I guess I'm a softie. Plus it's hard to resist going in when I know she's going to ask me for "ONE hug and ONE 'mooch" (that's smooch.)  Of course, she thinks asking for one of each over and over is acceptable, but still.  Hard to resist.


  1. She probably stays up for so long because she can get out of her bed! Wait, Does she get out? I feel a little the same as Brian.. It seems like EVERY night Jonathan does bedtime routine and then Amelia cries until I go in and rock her for a minute and then she goes to bed. It feels a little like it encourages her to cry until she gets that 2nd rocking.

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