Friday, May 13, 2011

Maybe I need to open an early morning indoor playground

I took the kids to McDonald's for breakfast the other day, because of all the rain.  I know you're thinking, "Elsha, how is it that rain keeps you from cooking breakfast?"  And the answer is that it doesn't.  BUT, our morning routine usually involves outside play between breakfast and Will's morning nap.  (Don't think I'm not wondering what's going to happen come next winter. I have no idea.)  The kids are used to playing outside.  They get a little crazy if they can't.  And, as I mentioned, Will cries.

ANYWAY.  There are a few indoor playgrounds around GJ, and I like all of them.  The one at the mall is free and geared toward young kids, so it's great for Will.  And the one at the gymnastics place is huge and great and pretty inexpensive, although it's a little much for Will.  But you know what McDonald's has over both those places?  It's open EARLY.  The other places open at 10.  10 am, when we're an hour into Will's morning nap and both kids have already been up for at least 3 hours.  McDonald's, on the other hand, I can get up and load the kids into the car and go.  And you know who's there at 7 am on a weekday morning during the school year?  NOBODY.  Well, not nobody.  But very few children and that means we have the play area to ourselves and Will's not getting in anybody's way.  (Technically neither of my kids are old enough to play at McDonald's but whatevs.)

Plus none of the other places have breakfast burritos.


  1. How old are kids supposed to be to play there??

  2. The rules say kids ages 3 to 12 can play.


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