Monday, March 7, 2011

Weigh in

Apparently my goals for this week need to be:

1) Stay out of the microwave popcorn.

2) No seriously.  Stay away from the popcorn.  This is just getting sad.

3) That's really all.  The girl scout cookies are gone.


  1. You should get a Whirly Pop and some plain kernels. I made a big bowl the other day and it was such a yummy, healthy snack! (until I dumped some real butter and salt on there.) :)

  2. I ate a medium popcorn at the movie theater almost by myself this weekend, as well as about a half a roll of Thin Mints per day and I have maintained my weight. Sure you don't want to start running?

  3. My goal is to stay away from the mini candybars Joe's grandma saddled me with. They're Baby Ruths, I don't even LIKE baby Ruths! And yet I eat them... but we're tied! 134 lbs! So now you can try to beat ME, though I don't know who'll give the $1,ooo to the winner :(


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