Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's not very good at it yet

Kalena has started pretending to sleep when we check on her.  At nap or bed time if she's obviously not sleeping we'll go in to tell her to go to sleep, but as soon as she hears the door open she'll hurriedly lay down and shut her eyes really tightly.  Then she'll peek out at me from one eye.  She's not a very convincing fake sleeper.

So tell me, you parents of older children, do kids get better at it?  Because I remember pretending to sleep when my mom would come in to tell my sisters and I to knock it off with the talking and I remember thinking we were AWESOME at faking sleep.  I think maybe I was very wrong about that.


  1. Yesterday, Jonathan was going to run a couple errands so when I laid Amelia down for her nap, I went to take a nap too! When he got home the garage door woke me up but I wasn't ready to be up yet so when he poked his head in our door I pretended to still be sleeping. It never gets old :)

    But it's way cute that Kalena knows how to do that.

  2. I am a very effective fake sleeper when my parents come in to talk to me about something early morning/afternoon. So yes, we do get better at it. :)

  3. Teach her to snore and she will be more convincing.

  4. So what does Miss Kalena do when she's supposed to be sleeping?

  5. I pretend lots to the kids (backwards - shouldn't they be pretendin to me?) in the hopes that jumping on sleeping mom will get old and they'll play in their room or something. Fortunately it's not hard to pretend with kids, but Joe taught Patrick to tickle me when I fake sleep - so mean! I can't NOT laugh.


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