Thursday, March 10, 2011

I didn't know how much he appreciated his playmate

Will didn't nap this afternoon.  He cried.  And talked.  And rolled around in his crib for an hour.  But he didn't nap. So I got him up, and just a few seconds later I heard Kalena make some noise.  Usually I leave her for awhile, to make sure she's ready to get up, but since Will was up already I figured I'd go in and get her.  I jumped the gun a little though, she wasn't quite awake.  I was holding Will, and we turned around to leave.  And Will?  Burst into tears.  He was heartbroken that Kalena wasn't going to come play with him.  I mean seriously sad.  I ended up going back in and rocking him in the glider in Kalena's room until she woke up.  She was happy to see him when she woke up, but not as happy as he was for her to be awake.

Once again I am glad that Will is a second child.  He needs Kalena around for the company.  And once again I'm glad she's such a willing playmate.  My life would be MUCH more complicated otherwise.


  1. Just came across your blog! :)


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