Friday, March 4, 2011

Moving to the toddler bed

We FINALLY took the side off Kalena's crib.  She still flat out refuses to sleep in the twin bed that's in her room.  So far it's been great.  Her moon/sun night light has so far ensured that she doesn't get out of bed too early in the morning, and my insistence that she absolutely not get out of bed after nap until I come get her has also been effective.  So one of these days we may actually have an empty crib again.

Remember way back when we tried moving Kalena to a toddler bed the first time?  Yeah, June of last year.  And then that totally didn't work out.  But in that second post I said something about not knowing what to do if Kalena was still sleeping in a crib when Will got to big for the pack-n-play.  BUY A SECOND CRIB.  We did since it was pretty obvious Kalena wouldn't be moving out of her crib anytime soon.  Actually, we bought two cribs because we were planning on buying a house and that way we could leave the one for my parents.  (And have cribs that match.  Not that it matters since they aren't in the same room.)  Anyway.  I'm glad we didn't make her sleep in a bed before she was ready (I don't even want to think about the fights that would have happened if we'd kept making her sleep in the toddler bed with as bad as it was after just a few days.)  Also glad that if hypothetical third baby happens before Will is out of his crib that it won't be an issue.  (COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL third baby.  Despite Kari and Laura's desire for it to be real actual third baby.)

And there you have it.


  1. Yea, I'm just not really buying that this 3rd child is hypothetical.

  2. I just figure you can have another one since it's taking me awhile to grow up and make a baby. Buy me some time, you know?

  3. You should put a toddler potty next to her bed and made ONE exception to the don't-get-out-of-bed rule: you can get out of bed to go potty! Maybe the pull-ups are on their way out with this big-girl bed...

  4. That is why I move mine so young. They are so much more easy to work with before they are two. I moved both to a toddler bed around 14-15 months and they did great. But there's a lot of people who got after me because they didn't think it was safe. To each their own! :)


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