Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy week: more momentous occasions

Last week was also our 4 year anniversary!  On the 23rd to be exact.  I'm tempted to tell our wedding story again, because I love hearing people's reactions to the whole thing, but I'll spare you.  Because I already posted it last year.  And the year before.

We celebrated by going back to Country Jam.  We haven't been since we got married, but since we're back in Junction I thought it would be fun.  And then Brian agreed to go because he loves me and I don't have any friends here.  At least, not any friends that wanted to go to Country Jam with me.

Waiting for Keith Urban to start.

Good music and four child-free evenings.  Does it get any better?


  1. I'm glad you guys had a good time.. I wish I could've stayed through the weekend. Also, I bet Bryan was the only person there wearing a BYU shirt ;)

  2. I'm telling Brian you spelled his name wrong.

  3. Happy Anniversary! We miss you guys...

  4. i'm so jealous - I would have gone to see Keith Urban with you! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    We had a similar wedding plan only were together about 2 years first. Decided on a Thursday to get married on Saturday morning. Went to the mall Friday night for a new outfit, got married at 9 am Saturday with 5 guests, all had breakfast at Perkins and went home all married. In our case it was second wedding for both, and we didn't feel like doing it all over again.


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