Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yoga and fat thighs

My sister Kari believes that Will has the fattest thighs of any baby ever.  (Oh, you thought I meant MY fat thighs?  No, no.  I try to avoid referencing those.)  I think she may be right.  See Exhibit A:

He is quite a chunk.  My mom is always using words like "sturdy" and "solid" but we all know those just mean fat.  She even admitted today that we should keep baby powder around so he doesn't get a heat  rash in his fat rolls.  And don't get me wrong, he's adorably fat, just like a baby should be, so I'm not saying fat like it's a bad thing.  It's just the truth.

Anyway, on to yoga.  I want to start doing yoga again.  One of the things I planned to do with Kalena sleeping later (aka staying in bed later) was to get up at 6 and do yoga before she's up.  Unfortunately, Will only sleeps through the night sporadically, so most mornings I end up sleeping until about 6:30 instead.  I really want to get started though.  Even Will has been reminding me to do it.  See?

Getting started...

And there it is!

There's a reason they call it "happy baby pose" you know.  Although, in his case the "happy" seemed to mostly come after the "pose" part.  I guess at 5 1/2 months holding your toes is serious business.

P.S.  Isn't "happy baby pose" a WAY better name than "dead bug"?  


  1. We had to cut slits in some of the bloomers that came with Allison's dresses because they cut off circulation in her thighs. And we had to buy the next size up in pants/shorts/skirts just to get them up over her thighs. The most popular comment we got was, "Hm! Look at those juicy thighs!" (Remember, we were living in Mississippi).

  2. I had a friend whose little guy's thighs were like that. He' sooooo skinny now! It's crazy. He's four and has little bird legs. :)

  3. Yay for fat thighs! So adorable. "Happy baby" pose is a better name but I bet if you asked people to do "dead bug" pose they'd know right what to do!


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