Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh yes, that's life.

Kalena took a tumble yesterday trying to get into the seat of a shopping cart.  Then she had a throw-herself-on-the-floor tantrum when I told her she was too big to get in.  Oh yes, she was trying to get into THIS shopping cart:

You think she willingly gets in the cart at stores?  Sure, for like 27 seconds.  After that she is telling me "all done" and asking to get down.  When I tell her no she'll throw both hands in front of her face and try to work up some tears.  

So, to summarize: has to get into a cart at a store?  Breakdown.  Can't get into the cart at home?  Breakdown.  I can't win.


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  2. I think I would've died laughing had I seen either one of those events. She's so funny!

  3. Aren't kids a cornicopia of contradictions?! Too funny!

  4. We should make a running list of things that are no win, but I'm not sure I have enough paper...


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