Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too soon!

Kalena is less than a month away from 2. She is essentially potty trained. She climbs stairs and goes down slides by herself at the park. She sits next to Will and pats him when he cries. She tells me what she wants to eat, or play, or do, or read, or wear. Last night I heard her crying after she went to bed, so I went in to find out what was wrong. Why was she crying? Because she wanted to sleep in the bed, not her crib.

I don't think she's a baby anymore.


  1. Gosh, where did 2 years go?! Crazy. I love watching Amelia grow and the time is going just as fast for us.

  2. She is so darling. I'm betting she'll make a great babysitter for you!


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