Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's because I posted about sleep yesterday

Last night was not so great.  Will woke up to nurse at 3:30 ish, went back to sleep for 10 minutes or so afterward (not enough time for ME to fall back asleep of course) and then woke up.  He fussed around and I ended up being up for about an hour.

What gets me with him is the unpredictability.  When Kalena started sleeping through the night, she slept through the night.  Just started one day and then continued.*  Before that, she had several weeks of waking once a night.  Will is all over the place.  Some nights it's once, some nights it's twice, some nights he sleeps quietly, some nights not so much.  Some mornings he's up early, some mornings he sleeps late, some mornings he nurses and goes back to sleep, some mornings he nurses and then he's wide awake.  I never know what I'm gonna get.  It's really throwing off any of my attempts at a schedule.  I'd really like a schedule.  I thought I was gonna get one there for a minute when he started napping at the same time every morning, but then that went out the window today too.

While we're taking about schedules, I'm trying to get Kalena on a better one.  And by "better" I mean "will maybe possibly sleep until 7 am or so."  So I got a Good Nite Lite.  I'd read about them before, and asked Kalena's pediatrician about them at her 18 month appointment.  The pediatrician said they're great (she used one on her twins) but recommended I wait until Kalena was closer to 2.  Well guess what kids- she'll be 2 next month!  Tonight is night #1, so I'll let you know in a few weeks how the whole thing is going.  You're all dying of anticipation, I know.

*Really I should not be complaining about random whole nights of sleep.  Kalena did do it all at once, but it was at 8 months old.  So any 8 hour stretches at 4 months are VERY MUCH appreciated.


  1. There was an awesome article in last month's Parenting Magazine about getting extra shut-eye in the morning. Not necessarily your CHILD getting more shut-eye, because kids wake up when they wake up, but some tricks of the trade for keeping them occupied and safe so YOU can get some more sleep. It was really good! And they mentioned the Good Night Light, so DO post about how it works out for you, I wanna hear it!

  2. Don't even get me started on sleep :( I just prepare myself every night for a TERRIBLE night and then if it's not, I feel grateful!


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