Monday, February 22, 2010

More fun with Grandma

For those of you who don't know, my grandma uses a walker. It's one of the kinds that can be used as a seat too (like this) and when she needs to move stuff around she often sets it on the seat of the walker and walks it around. For instance, if she's clearing the table after dinner she'll set dirty dishes there and then walk them over to the sink. Unfortunately, the seat is at a perfect height for Kalena to get to everything on it. So I wasn't surprised tonight when my grandma set the butter there to take back to the kitchen and Kalena promptly stuck her hand in it. And then licked her fingers of course. (She is my child you know.) What made me laugh was that my grandma's response was, "Stop that. You don't want to get your hands dirty." Ummmm, she's almost 2. Her hands are ALWAYS dirty. Which is exactly why nobody wants them in the butter. I guess my grandma is just more worried about keeping Kalena's hands clean than about keeping the butter germ-free.

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  1. You should tell Grandma to keep her hands off anything/everything because she doesn't want to get HER hands dirty. AKA we don't want her germs on everything :) Gotta love Grandma


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