Saturday, May 23, 2009

One year update

On Wednesday Kalena had her 1 year check up. She's 32 inches long (97th percentile) and weights 22 lbs 8 oz (75th percentile.) So she continues to be "tall and trim" as her doctor puts it. Where she gets the tall from I still don't know.

She's off formula which is SUPER because that stuff is insanely expensive. On the other hand, we're about to start going through milk like there's no tomorrow. Also, the pediatrician recommended that we get her off the bottle which seems like it's going to be a lot of work. Any tips on that?

Here's a couple pictures of Kalena in a birthday dress from Brian's mom. She was a little wary of Brian wiping down her high chair.


  1. How cute. Katelyn's got that same dress. Happy Belated Birthday Kalena!

  2. Happy Birthday to Kalena!

    For the bottles: We first started replacing the bottles before nap with a sippy of milk. Then we dropped the morning bottle and replaced with a sippy of milk, and finally the evening bottle around 14 months. Charlotte didn't mind at all.

    We took it at Charlotte's pace and waited until she had completely mastered the sippy (and found one she loved). There's nothing magic about 12 months that they HAVE to be off the bottle. There's nothing wrong with stretching it out a few months.

    (Cooper is still nursing, so we still give him one bottle a day while I'm at work, otherwise he nurses and takes sippy cups of milk in the morning and afternoon.)

  3. Love, love, love that dress!!!

  4. Cute dress! I love the hearts!

  5. In the top picture she looks like a lil cabbage patch girl :) and she's thinking "what does this guy think he's doing?!"


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