Sunday, May 24, 2009


For those of you who don't know, van de Boogaard is a Dutch name. It means "of the orchard." That's why it's three separate words, by the way, despite all the credit card companies who think "van" is my middle name. Anyway, Brian's parents wanted to help the newest member of the van de Boogaards celebrate her heritage so after Kalena was born they got her these adorable "wooden shoe" slippers. They fit now so we were showing Brian's mom and sister while they were here.

How cute are those?! She just needs one of those little hats and she'll be a little dutch girl. They're actually from Holland which is pretty cool. And I'm sure when she's a little older she'll be getting some of the actual wooden ones.

P.S. Brian has a pair of wooden shoes and he does wear them. In fact, he wore his last pair entirely out. They have a hole in the bottom.


  1. Those slippers are SOOOOO cute! (and so is the girl wearing them)

  2. Those slippers are adorable. She is the perfect "little dutch girl"! Very fun!

  3. Hey... you put your new shoes on... (sing with me!) Now sign her up for some clogging groups!


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