Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An explanation for why there is plastic food all over the living room

Since Kalena will be one on Monday, my parents gave her birthday present to her while they were here. As evidenced by the cookie cutter post, Kalena is very fond of putting things into containers. So we went with that theme and they got her this cute little shopping cart and a bucket of plastic food to go in it. (Or all over the floor. Either one.)

She also got this adorable birthday onesie from my mom.

One for the cart; one for the floor.

Wait, who needs a cart when I can take food from the bucket and put it directly on the floor?! YESSSSS!!


  1. My kids would love your house. It looks very similar to ours (at least the floor). :)

  2. You should see what else he dips in milk. Goldfish sound good after the things I've been privy to.

  3. I love that onesie! I'll bet she loves her new toys! The sad thing about them taking stuff out of a container and putting it on the floor is, they never outgrow that. It's not near as cute when they're 16!!

  4. How cute is that cart?! Now you just need to buy her a little grocery store checkout booth and she's all set! Also, Did you guys get new couches??


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