Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day

Kalena apparently thinks I'm such a great mom that she wanted to go all out for mother's day. Not only did she send me these lovely flowers (with maybe a little help from Brian's mom):

She also took her first unassisted steps! Okay, that was actually Saturday, but then so were the flowers so I guess she's just very punctual.

Here she is in a mother's day/birthday dress from my mom.

And now she is SO BORED of taking pictures. Can't we just be done already?


  1. Adorable dress! Happy Mother's Day

  2. I just love her little dress! so cute.

  3. WOW, first steps already! Is it possible that they're that big this quickly!?!? (Jordan is right behind her....we're taking bets if it happens before tomorrow - her birthday).

  4. What a beautiful dress! Lucky lil' lady! And I can't believe your hair is already that long after a year.

  5. Wow could this year have gone any faster?!

  6. I noticed her in all her cuteness on Sunday. Love the dress!


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