Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm feeling a little lazy this fine Friday evening, so today's post is just some pictures of Kalena. Here she is working hard on trying to crawl.

I love her expression here.

Not only does she look like Brian, she zones out like him too. (He's teaching her to be a football fan here.)

Just showing off her fashion sense.

More rambling tomorrow.


  1. LOVE the pictures. the 2nd one is like, "oh girl, no you di-in't!" And the one where they're watching tv is hilarious!! Love the brown and pink outfit too! She belongs in my kitchen :)

  2. i love the pic with brian... they sure do look alike!

  3. I can't believe how SMILEY she is! So cute!

  4. I want to teach Patrick mto zone out like that while I read. We could zone and read for HOURS.

  5. I love picture posts. Super cute.


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