Sunday, November 16, 2008

The dogs

I love our dogs. For those of you who don't know, we have two greyhounds, both retired racing dogs. They are great pets, but they are not typical dogs. Although our dogs aren't particularly well trained, they are generally well behaved. They don't beg, bark, lick, or jump on people. On the other hand, they don't sit or fetch either.

One thing about greyhounds is that they're spectacularly lazy, so they spend most of their time sleeping. Ours are always looking for a good place to nap. And when they can't find the perfect spot they just have to make their own.

This is Brenna on the dog bed out in our back yard. Onyx dragged one of the beds outside. Through the DOG DOOR. (We know it was Onyx who took it out there because Brenna never moves the beds. Onyx drags them to wherever she wants to sleep.) She does this every so often when it's nice out. I have no idea how she actually does it; neither of us has ever seen her take it out. We'll just look outside at some point and see a bed where there wasn't one before.

Also, apparently Onyx liked being a working dog, because she's always trying to start her modeling career. Here she is, posing for the camera.


  1. I LOVE the greyhound pose! I forget about it until we look at old pictures of our late Molly. "Spectacularly lazy" - I think that pretty much sums it up!

  2. lol That's awesome. Dogs are amazing.


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