Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let's get started

Yesterday morning Kalena learned that it's important to vote! Ok, maybe she didn't learn anything, but she did come with us to early voting. Here we are outside. I wanted a picture inside, but you have to turn off cell phones and that's how we took the picture. If you didn't vote yet, remember to vote on the 4th!


  1. Is early voting over? I was just reading a sign at the Library and decided to go on Mond. and now I'm thinking that it might have said it ended yesterday. Do you know? I'd like to go to the college on Monday if I can.

  2. Such a good lesson to teach your daughter! She'll totally take that to heart and vote early 20 years from now (since there will not bn election when she's 18 she'll have to wait).


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