Monday, November 10, 2008

Everyday life

I feel tired. I should stop waiting so long to write these posts. If I weren't doing NaBloPoMo I wouldn't post today. In fact, I might not post all week. There are ideas waiting, but like a word on the tip of my tongue I can't seem to get them out. Every time I start to write the words fall flat.

There is clean laundry on the bed waiting to be folded, there are clothes drying in the dryer, and others in the washer sitting wet and clean. There are dishes to be done. I have projects I want to work on. That's life I suppose. It's always something. This morning it was yoga at 5 am, then breakfast and the baby and work. After I got home it was feeding the baby and walking the dogs, putting the baby to bed and dinner and laundry. And today? I think that's enough.

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  1. And the list always goes on. I have those days...everyday.


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