Saturday, September 13, 2008

The sounds of the house

Every house has certain sounds that you have to get used to if you live there. At my parents' house it's the sound of the house settling, air bubbles in the heating pipes, and water running through pipes in the basement. Living at home, I got to the point where if I was in the basement I could tell if someone was walking from the main floor up the stairs to the second floor or down the stairs to the basement. I knew the sound of the garage door opening, the washer or dryer running, and all sorts of other everyday noises.

When Brian and I moved into this house, I had to get used to a whole new set of noises, especially since we got the dogs when we moved in. After awhile I adjusted to it all; the sound of the air conditioner, the dishwasher, the washer and dryer, the dogs going in and out the dog door, the sound of their nails clicking on the tile floor, the noise they make when they push their paws up against the wall as they adjust themselves on their beds. Eventually it's all just background noise. I hear it and register what it is without even thinking about it.

Lately though, there is a new noise around here. Besides the baby I mean, I already have all her noises cataloged (which unfortunately still doesn't mean I can sleep through them.) I mean Onyx. In another post I talked about how she has started going upstairs to lay outside the baby's room. Well, now I hear her going up and down the stairs. And it's noisy. And before she started doing it, Brian was the only one I heard going up or down the stairs. So now, even if I'm home alone, whenever Onyx is on the stairs I think for a second that someone is in the house with me. It really throws me off. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough. Are there any random noises around your house that you had to get used to?


  1. Well, I'm in an apartment, not a house, but there were lots of new noises! For one, our neighbor has a chihuahua. This new "yapping" sound reminds me daily that I do not want a dog of any kind. I know your greyhounds are awesome, well-behaved dogs that don't bark, but if I give in to one kind of dog it is a slippery slope. Then we had people move in above us, which accents the crappiness of the faux-gold and glass chandellier, because their footsteps rattle the glass on the "gold." Seriously, why do apartments buy such ugly fixtures? (you can see it behind me in that alst picture of Patrick). Lastly, our fridge is SO LOUD wen it kicks on. I have no idea why, it's not especially old, but it is like white noise on crack. Then, when you get used to it, it turns off and the place seems spookily quiet and you can hear the clock ticking. Gah! Stop the ticking! Turn the fridge back on!

  2. Totally! My house is so scary! The other night when I was on the phone with Mom and then you, I swore that someone was in the house with me! I think I'm just a scardy cat though because I don't hear noises when Jonathan's home. I do know which parts of the floor squeek though. Like that one spot on mom and dad's living room floor, and the one in their laundry room... Yea, we're getting our own ones of those :)

  3. Yeah kids (young kids) out in the front yard at all hours of the night. What are they doing and where are their parents?!?


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