Saturday, September 6, 2008


Kalena is developing some new tricks these days. She is working on holding her bottle when she gets fed. She's not very good at it though; she pushes the bottle away from her mouth more often than not. She has also started rolling over front to back. I've been hoping she would start this because she gets really mad when she gets on her belly and then can't go anywhere. Hopefully she'll figure out that when she doesn't want to be on her belly anymore she can just roll back over. Her toes are very interesting now that she's discovered them. She doesn't put them in her mouth yet, she just studies them intently. And as her cutest new trick, she now imitates us when we laugh. SO ADORABLE. I can hardly take it.

Also, someone apparently taught her to flip off the camera. My guess is that it was one of my siblings. (Eric? Do I hear a confession from your corner?)


  1. If *I* taught her anything, she'd smile at the camera with a mouthful of food. Or flip it off. What? Who said that? Some people would call it "flipping off the camera", I'd like to call it, well, "flipping off the camera", I guess, so what?!
    Espen had a funny habit of rolling THEN fussing. He's be on his stomach and roll over and fuss that he was on his back, and vice versa. He was happy when you'd flip him back over, then he'd roll and fuss again. Sheesh! LOL

  2. Yay Kalena! It's fun to watch them learn new things. I never knew how much I would emjoy every little thing they learned...even the second time around.


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