Saturday, September 27, 2008


Apparently, I share a birthday with Google. Google is turning 10 and I am turning 26. I have lots of thoughts about turning 26, but a combination of staying up late and a baby who decided 4 AM would be a great time to get up today has left me a little fuzzy this morning. I'll try to put something coherent together later, but we'll see. It's going to be a busy couple of days because Kari and Jonathan are here for the weekend! Here's a picture so you'll all forgive me for this pointless, pointless post.

How can you resist that smile?


  1. I, for one, am a COMPLETE sucker for it. Count me in.

    Happy birthday, google. Maybe I should have gotten them a card... you, howeverm earned one magical phone call in which I asked to talk to your sister. You're welcome!

  2. Keep the pointless posts coming, as long as they contain pictures of that gorgeous little girl.

    And Happy Birthday to her gorgeous mother.

  3. Aaaahhh I love baby smiles! Happy belated b-day!


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