Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last night after feeding at 11 pm Kalena cried for half an hour and then she slept. For SEVEN hours! According to my baby book (which I got out and read yesterday) I started sleeping for 7 hour stretches when I was a week old, so I guess Kalena is a little behind ;)

On a separate note, I'm pretty convinced that my mom has special powers. She's the only one who manages diaper changes without making the baby cry and she can somehow put the baby to sleep when she won't sleep for anyone else. Is that just what happens after raising five kids or what? Either way, I really think she needs to come live with us because besides those talents she comes in to get the baby around 7 so that Brian and I can sleep in. Ahhhhh, life with mom around.


  1. Yeah! A break through! Good for you. Is the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy baby? I unfortnately didn't start sleep training until he was about 6 months. It was a rough couple weeks, but we're on a schedule and we all get to sleep at night. Are you in Colorado?

  2. Elsha, I can't believe your labor story!!! WOW. Way to go mom. She is beautiful. Take advantage of your mom being there. It is so nice. Soon enough, she will only do that stuff for you and Brian and that is kind of neat too. Hope you are doing well.
    Kim Maddock

  3. Mom's are the absolute best aren't they! I hope you guys are having fun. I love the family picture at the wedding. You need to put a picture of Kari and spouse for us to see!


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