Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Rambling

Brian and I have a king sized bed. I actually bought the mattress and box springs before we got married but I found out soon after we got married that it was a good thing I had. The reason is that Brian feels the need to sleep in the exact middle of the bed. Even when he starts out sleeping on one side he ends up in the middle by morning. Which means I only get about a third of the bed to sleep on.

At my parent's house, (where we have been for the last 2 weeks) we sleep in a queen sized bed. This hasn't been so bad in the past, but these days Kalena spends at least part of every night in bed with us. This is more out of convenience than any sort of parenting philosophy. It's much easier to have her there instead of having to go get her every time she want to nurse and also, when she's sleeping on her own she generally sleeps in two hour stretches whereas if she sleeps next to someone she'll sleep as long as 6 or 7 hours at a time.

Anyway, as you might imagine, space is tight in a queen bed with Brian sleeping in the middle of the bed and a baby between us. So over the last two weeks I learned to sleep on about 6 inches of mattress. And then we came home. And slept in our bed. And it's so BIG! I have so much space! Even with Brian in the middle and Kalena in the bed. I have space to roll over and everything.

So...I love my bed. That's pretty much my point.


  1. I know what you mean. We didn't let Libby sleep with us much but we did Malachi and it was so squishy. Caleb loved having him sleep with us. I hated it mainly for the no room reason. And then he got old enough he didn't need to be waking up in the night to nurse but wanted to just out of habit. Luckily Libby has liked her own crib.

  2. Darn - I wish we could make it to the blessing. We will be in Idaho with my family for the fourth. Be sure to post pictures!


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