Monday, June 9, 2008


Here are a few of the cute pictures taken at Kari's wedding on Friday.

4 Generations: Kalena, me, my mom, and my mom's mom.

Me with Kalena

Our little family

Bridesmaids and babies: Me with Kalena (19 days old), Kirsta with Patrick (4 months), and Kari's friend Salem with Clyde (9 months). The dads managed to keep all the babies quiet during the ceremony:)

I'll post more about the wedding and the travels when the baby isn't moments away from waking up and wanting to be fed.


  1. So cute! She is already changing!

  2. I love the pic with your little family. You should frame it!

  3. You look fantastic. And of course Kalena is darling as well.


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