Monday, March 10, 2008


Since I fall into the category of people who have ever had the last name Gustavson, I suppose that means I've been tagged. Here goes.

~2 names you go by: I'm with April on this one, there aren't really any nicknames for Elsha, so...just Elsha.

~2 things you are wearing right now: Abercrombie pajama pants and a long sleeved t-shirt

~2 of your favorite things to do: Read, and these days sleep!

~2 things you want very badly at the moment: Chocolate milk and to have tomorrow off work.

~2 favorite pets you have ever had: The two we have now! Brenna and Onyx.

~2 last things you ate: Cheese ravioli and one of those little chocolate mints-- we had dinner at Olive Garden.

~2 people you last talked to: Brian and the missionaries when they stopped by earlier.

~2 things you are doing tomorrow: Going to work and going to a baby shower.

~2 longest car rides: The Christmas trip from Grand Junction to Mexico and from Midland to Grand Junction.

I would tag people, but I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this blog has already been tagged:)

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  1. On the name thing, how about "Princess?" Or did you stop making Brian call you that?


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