Thursday, September 8, 2011

It'll probably be a parking lot by next week

So, the house next door to us was torn down today.  Don't worry, this was not unexpected.  As I've mentioned, we live like a block from the college here.  And the college is currently in the process of procuring the surrounding land in order to do expansions.  Starting with our street.

Anyway, we knew that these particular neighbors had sold their house to the college a while back so we were just waiting for it to be torn down.  This is the third house on our block to be torn down in the last six months.  The other two lots are now parking.

The kids were fascinated.  Construction equipment!  Right outside the window!  It's better than TV!  And then when Brian came home and took the kids outside to get a better look, the guy was nice enough to let them play driver.  They were thrilled.

Don't let Will's indifferent expression fool you.  He was heartbroken when Brian got him out.  HEARTBROKEN.

So yeah.  This morning we had a house next door and this evening it looks like this:


  1. That's insane! And super funny how Will looks like he could give a crap.

  2. The pic of Will is adorable. I wonder if the other drivers suck their thumb too...


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