Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Or, How many Easter pictures of my kids do you want to see?

I'll stick to the Easter dressed up pictures.  For this post.  Because no way am I going to be able to resist posting pictures of the ridiculously cute Easter eggs.

I was actually surprised to find this one- both kids looking AND smiling (well, Will is smiling the best he can around that finger of his.)  As it turns out, the only way I can get Kalena to smile like that is to say, "Okay, now show me your teeth!"

My best shot of Kalena's hair.  The lovely hair is courtesy of my mother, of course.  I don't have near that kind of talent.  I can't even do that to my own hair, let alone to the hair of my wiggly toddler.

And apparently I used up all the kids' picture-taking tolerance taking pictures of the two of them.  Because this is the best one my mom could get of me and Kalena.  And we couldn't get ANY with me and both kids.  Oh well.


  1. Gorgeous dress on Kalena, I love Easter getups! I actually saw a little girl today with a white Easter hat. Reminded me of one Kari had when we were kids!

  2. Everyone looks beautiful! I love Buster's shoes and Kalena's hair! I also saw a girl wearing a pink hat.. Brought back memories :)

  3. Oh man...that should encourage Will to suck it for as long as possible because it's ridiculously cute.

  4. That hair is so impressive! I could never do that and I am not sure Claire would sit still long enough either. Nice!


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