Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter outtakes

See, I told you I was going to post too many Easter pictures.  This is the: what I say vs. what they hear edition.

I say: Turn around and smile for the camera!
They hear: Just keep walking away!

I say: Show grandma your happy face for the picture!
She hears: Practice your bored teenager face!

I say: Now open your eyes and smile!
She hears: Keep your eyes closed, but be sure your mouth is open!

There are no words for this one.  I just wish it was clear instead of blurry.


And I promise this is the last Easter pictures post.  Probably.


  1. Let's just thank goodness for digital pictures because otherwise we'd be wasting a lot of film and money.

  2. I just love Kalena's hair! I guess 3 year olds are giving us practice for the teenage years. I agree with Kari - I love that delete button on the camera!


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