Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes, sleeping in is that rare around here

Yesterday morning when I went to get Will out of his crib, Kalena wasn't awake.  At first I thought she might be sitting quietly, since she does that sometimes before her sun comes on and it was still a few minutes early.  But then 6:30 came and went and still nothing from her room.  I was surprised, but went ahead and made breakfast thinking she'd be up any minute.  Then Brian came in, getting ready to leave and asked where she was and I told him she was still sleeping.  And then I told him I was a little worried she might be sick, because she NEVER sleeps that late.  This was at 6:50 am.  And then she woke up.

She's fine, by the way.  The extra sleep was just a fluke I guess.

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  1. 6:30 gets me every time! Amelia is still in bed right now, and it's 9:12. She is sick though :( she was hacking up a lung in the middle of the night. Anyway- now I hear her in the saying "woof woof." :) have a good day!


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