Monday, January 31, 2011

Well that sucks

Yep, that puts me up .2 lbs from last week.  Crap.

By the way, sorry about the smudgy scale.  We keep the scale in the kitchen since it only works on hard floors and the only hard floors in the house are in the kitchen or the kids bedrooms.  (Stupid carpeted bathrooms.)  Anyway, keeping it in the kitchen means the kids play with it and get their smudgy little fingers all over the display.

But being up has got to make the weight loss easier this week, right?


  1. I gained a pound this last weekend. :(

  2. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming **that's Nemo's voice singing in your head** :)

    You're doing great.

  3. Hows P90X going? Kelsea's doing it and requests updates.


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