Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, the differences between a two year old and a five month old

I mentioned in another post that the stage Kalena is in is not my favorite.  And I think that the stage Will is in just contributes to that.  I know that's not fair to Kalena AT ALL, but I can't help it!  Of course I'm not a big fan of the teething-caused crying fits, but otherwise?  I heart this age.  He sleeps well at night; he is social and smiley; he will play in the exersaucer or play on the playmat; he'll stand if you hold his hands.  He's at that adorable stage where he's not a fragile newborn, but he is still a BABY.  (Hard to be fragile at 16 lbs you know.)  Most of the time he's just fat and happy.  And I am LOVING it.

I really hope saying he sleeps well doesn't jinx it.  Or saying he's happy most of the time.  If I'm complaining about him tomorrow, you'll know what happened.


  1. That's so funny that you say that because Brian always tells me that he's not a fan of the baby stage but he Loves Kalena's age because she can play and be understood and all that. At least there's one parents for each kid!

  2. Remember me talking about this to you once? That I had a hard time with M at different points after L was born. It was for these same reasons. Babies are so innocent and cute. The hard things they do are not so difficult to deal with because you know they don't do it on purpose. And their smiles are so readily available. I know exactly how you feel but I couldn't express it well at the time.


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