Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brian is a fan of the toddler stage

Kari mentioned in a comment yesterday that Brian is always telling her how much he likes the age Kalena is now.  This is true.  He is NOT a fan of the baby stage.  Especially the newborn phase.  I'm not sure those first few sleepless weeks with a newborn are anyone's favorite, but some people enjoy them more than others.  I like the tiny sweetness of brand new babies.  Brian spends the first couple months having buyers remorse about the whole thing.

He thinks babies are basically just an annoyance until about 4 or 5 months.  You deal with them, but they aren't good for anything.  I enjoy snuggling a newborn, seeing teensy fingers and toes, watching the little sleeping smiles (gas or no, they're still cute.)  He starts to like them when they get social, (and as you all learned in yesterday's post, I love that part.)  But, if he has to choose between taking care of Kalena or taking care of Will?  He will pick Kalena 99 times out of 100.  That works well for me, since I would almost always prefer to take care of the baby.  He likes that Kalena can communicate, he likes the playing, the rough housing, the running around.  Basically he enjoys all the stuff that wears me out.  Right now this really works to our advantage.  We never have to argue about who has to deal with which child.  I just hope Kalena is out of the tantrum-y toddler phase before Will is in it!

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