Thursday, May 6, 2010

Books, books, books.

I'm in a book club.  Okay, I'm in two book clubs, but I'm just going to be talking about one right now.  It's newly formed with my friend Sherry, and we're reading exclusively young adult literature.  Since I grew up reading classics, that's a change for me.  I conned Sherry into it really.  I wanted to start reading young adult stuff, but didn't know where to start, and Sherry does.  Thus, a book club.

ANYWAY, I've learned some things.  First off, I've learned that YA stuff is almost exclusively series stuff.  Apparently this is because single books don't make enough money?  Sherry was explaining it all to me.  Also, I've learned that my compulsion about book finishing?  (Wrote about that here.  (Big fat fail on the keeping track of what I read for a year, by the way.  That lasted like 4 months.))  It extends to series books.  It doesn't even matter if I didn't like the first book, I HAVE to know what happens.  I realized that after our March book.  I came away feeling like I'd watched a confusing movie preview.  I didn't really know the characters, I was never really sure why things were happening, and it felt totally unresolved.  But as soon as the next book comes out I'm totally reading it.  I just need to know.  It's the same way I'll read through ridiculously long books I'm not enjoying, just hoping it will get better.

Ah, compulsive reading.  If only I didn't need sleep I'd have more time for it.


  1. I love love love all books but I do have to finish as well :-) What YA series are you reading?


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